consulting board


Neha Mathur (Vice President of Consulting)

nmathur [at]

Neha is a sophomore from New Jersey, and is in the M&T program here. She is majoring in Systems Engineering, Finance, and OPIM, and is a true MUSE fan! She is also the VP of the M&T Club and on the Executive Board of the Systems Engineering Society. Besides her addiction for reality TV, she loves to spend a Saturday reading a good book in her PJs or attempting to cook with her roommates!”

Emily Sherbany (Consulting Senior Account Executive)

emka [at]

Emily grew up on Main Street in New City, a hamlet in suburban New York. Although she doesn’t really know what a hamlet is, she is learning lots of more useful things as a dual-degree student concentrating in Marketing and OPIM and majoring in Cognitive Science. Outside of MUSE, she is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and Editor-in-Chief of The WALK. She likes to eat pasta, tomatoes, and mozzarella—especially together, and if she had more free time, she would use it to draw and paint.