“The MUSE team was a great asset for our startup, as they were our eyes and ears on campus. MUSE helped us analyze and understand our target customers, design appropriate marketing measures and executed a very successful campus launch event for us.”

- Stephan Jacob, Kembrel.com

“The work I received from MUSE Consultants was very professional, thorough, and relevant. The MUSE team was a lot of fun to work with, thanks MUSE!”

- Ryan Meinzer, PlaySay

“The MUSE Consultants are an excellent example of hard working students who have the desire to put themselves in the driver seat and take charge. Their group has helped me set my own standards for what I expect out of any other student organization that I would work with.”

- Mickey Katz, CampusFood

“Working with our team of MUSE consultants was an incredibly beneficial, engaging experience that still provides value to our core business. The team communicated regularly, asked the right questions, and had a general zest for knowledge above and beyond our initial project scope. In fact, I still review their final recommendations and use them as reference materials when evaluating certain decisions. As a business owner, it’s invigorating and exciting to see the win-win that results from projects like MUSE – students gain hands-on experience, while adding value to real-world businesses. Now that’s fun!”

- Gianna, GIANNA, Inc.

“I was impressed with the preparedness and thorough nature of the MUSE consultants. My team leader, Ezra Brettler, was on top of his game from day one and made sure to keep the lines of communication open. When posed with specific requests that deviated slightly from the original plan, the students adapted quickly and provided me with the desired information in a clear and straightforward manner. Perhaps what impressed me most about the entire experience was the final presentation the students held at the end of their term. It was chock full of useful information as well as helpful suggestions for our team to look into as we moved forward. On the whole, I would highly recommend using MUSE, especially for small business such as my own that have limited manpower resources to accomplish our goals.”

- Dan Hershberg PhillyPhaithful.com