Meme Week

I’m so excited for this new opportunity and to see what we can do as a committee.

Joseph Robillard, Vice President

What Do We Do

The Muse E-Marketing Engagement Week Committee is in charge of planning the annual MEME Week Conference that takes place in the second semester. Specifically, the daily topics are Social, Design, Analytics, Strategy, and the final Keynote. Committee responsibilities include, but are not limited to: securing speakers for each day, designing an informational curriculum, raising sponsorship funding, marketing and press before the conference (both physical and digital marketing), and various other operational tasks. Committee members must also be able to successfully collaborate financial and planning logistics with other Wharton and Penn-based organizations.

MEME Week Organization

Professional Networking
Budget Management
Capital Raising

Press and Communications

Sponsor Relations
Website Content Curation
Physical and Digital Marketing

Meet the Team